Married Couples can dedicate their child.  The father will pray the prayer of dedication.

Single Mothers
When there is no father to serve in the dedication; the mother may present the child for dedication and be ready to pray the prayer of dedication. When there is a father, but he is not married to the mother, the father may stand with the mother but he will not be permitted to dedicate the child.

If you are not married to the child's mother will be counseled concerning marriage and will not be permitted to dedicate the infant until he has married the child's mother.

The church must be informed of the age of the child; since a public service of dedication will not include a child who is nine or more years of age.

Prior to the Dedication:

  1. All fathers participating in the baby dedication are required to speak to the Pastor at least one week before the dedication.  Fathers can do so by calling the church office.

  2. Please do not schedule celebrations until you have spoken to the Pastor. 

  3. Please email the church office at with the following details at least one week prior to the dedication:

    1. Name of parent(s) dedicating the child

    2. Child's full name

    3. Child's date of birth

    4. Name of hospital with the city and state of birth

On the Day of the Dedication:

  1. Please arrive by 10:30 a.m. as the Baby Dedication ceremony will more than likely take place right after praise and worship.

  2. The parent(s) of the child (based on the requirements above) will be directed by the Pastor to join him in the front of the sanctuary along with any other family members who are present.

  3. Fathers are asked to be prepared to pray the prayer of dedication over their child.  The Pastor will follow by praying a prayer of agreement for the dedication of the child.  Please note that you should remain in the front of the sanctuary until the ceremony is completed.

  4. After all the children have been dedicated, the church will rise and sing a hymn and afterwards, you may return to your seat.

  5. A certificate of dedication will be available at the Information Table immediately following the service.

One complimentary DVD copy of the ceremony will be given to each parent after all of the edits are complete.  Please allow 3-6 weeks before you check with the bookstore to receive your edited DVD copy of the dedication ceremony.