Our Founders


Pastor Carlton Arthurs was born in Belize, Central America. Soon after graduation from school, he experienced a dramatic conversion through a trio of evangelists of the Plymouth Brethren and the missionaries in the Church of the Nazarene.

Upon his conversion, he resigned from public service and immediately answered the call to the ministry, which he had sensed on his life from his childhood. Upon graduation from college, he returned to Belize and was ordained into the ministry.

After moving to the United States, God called Pastor Arthurs to raise up a New Testament Church in Wheaton. In 1978, The Anointed Word radio and television ministries were initiated. Wheaton Christian Center now has a large missionary outreach around the world including the country of Israel as well as Belize.

He is often regarded as a pioneer of the word of faith teaching in the Chicago-land area. His passion is to strengthen marriages and families, teaching them to live by faith in the word of God. Pastor Arthurs’s primary focus is alerting God’s people of the approaching “End Times”. 

Pastor Arthurs is married to his lovely wife, Sheila. They have three daughters who are all married and serving in the ministry. His only son, Paul, serves as Lead Pastor of Wheaton Christian Center. Pastor Arthurs is also the proud grandfather of twelve.

Pastor Shelia Arthurs is a faithful woman of the Word, a mighty prayer warrior, and a beautiful monument of God’s grace. She has a passion to encourage and help women reach their full potential, through the word of God and fellowship. Pastor Sheila has a burden to minister to the diverse needs of today’s women, especially hurting women. In 1980, she began implementing the vision given to her by God in Israel, for a women’s ministry offering answers to a hurting and dying world. Her vision is to minister to women from all walks of life, and encourage them to set aside time from their busy schedules to be refreshed and renewed.